If you have questions, we are happy to assist you. We advise you cost free and anonymously.


Region Lower Austria:
Contact (German): Senol Alic
0664 / 61 45 834

Region Burgenland:
Contact (German): Andreas Horváth
02682 / 770 53

Region Styria:
Contact (German): Harald Schneidhofer
0664 / 61 45 978

Region Tyrol:
Contact (German): Bernhard Höfler
0664 / 61 45 899

Region Upper Austria:
Contact (German): Barbara Manes
0664 / 61 45 847


Contact (romana): Radu Plamadeala
0664 / 288 54 89


Kapcsolattartó (magyar nyelven): Márta Pinkert
02682 / 770 66


Kontakt Bosanski/Hrvatski/Srpski: Birgit Hohlbrugger
0664 / 61 45 812


На български език: Julien Jelev
0664 / 61 45 063


Зв’язок з українською Kateryna Soltani
0667 / 63 0044 11





Enforce my claims!

Free advice and enforcement of your rights

We have experience in enforcing rights – if necessary and desired also through courts and state authorities/administrative bodies. The court costs are covered by PRO-GE.

When your employment relationship has ended, don´t worry, there is no risk for you! Just contact us!

Initial contacts and –consultations are absolutely cost free. Only upon further representation it is necessary that you bevome a member of our union. The membership fee amounts to one percent of your gross income. For harvesters apply a membership fee of roughly 12 euros per month.

Checking your pay slip, or your accounting is a chance for you! Very often you are entitled to more money than your employer actually paid you!


Just come to our office and take the following documents with you (or send them to us):


  • Employment contract or notice of employment
  • Your pay slips
  • Records of your working time
  • Records of received cash wages
  • Final Settlement



If you want us to represent you, we also subsequently need a power of attorney from you.

You can also bring your colleagues and we check your claim together. Your colleagues might be important witnesses.

Usually we can make the employers to agree with a swift solution. If we can´t settle it amicably, we take the case to court. It might take longer, but remains for you cost free: We cover all costs arising!